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We are experienced scrum masters and organizational coaches committed to supporting the development of Agile Practitioners. In all of our programs, we take an appreciative approach to learning, development and leadership based on inquiry. 

Rock Formations


  • People are innately curious.

  • People are problem solvers and need a space to generate their brightest ideas.

Rock Formations


  • Playful and trusting spaces to learn by experimentation.

  • Safe spaces to have focused and meaningful conversations.

  • Opportunities to co-create and learn from each other.

  • Environments that foster long lasting positive change.

Rock Formations


  • People to challenge the status quo and drive change.

  • People to learn as a community.




Coach & Trainer

Katie is a certified Scrum Professional with experience in large organizations, including government. She believes in advancing Agile fundamentals and facilitates cross-departmental Agile introductions and Scrum training. She collaboratively leads intra-organizational initiatives to foster the ideals of Agile within individuals, teams and the organization at large. 


Stemming from her nearly decade long work leading natural resource projects, Katie recognizes organizations as living ecosystems with individuals, personalities and perspectives. This provides Katie with a nuanced view on how every individual within an organization is an agent for change. Working with individuals and groups, she facilitates trust and understanding to deliver business value, positive change and team cohesion.

She holds a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resources Management and Forestry from Colorado State University. She is a Certified Scrum Professional - Scrum Master (CSP-SM) through Scrum Alliance. 



Coach & Trainer

Jesús is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, an Agile and Certified Organizational Coach, and an Advanced ScrumMaster. Through coaching, mentoring and teaching, Jesús has supported Agile transformations in the BC Provincial Government and Fortune Global 500 companies. Jesús has coached distributed teams across Canada, the USA, China, and India. At the team level, Jesús' focus is on developing high-performance, self-organizing and cross-functional teams. Besides coaching teams, Jesús also coaches and supports leaders and product owners to pursue business agility by creating a learning culture that strives to be value-driven. 


Jesús has 20 years of professional experience in the IT industry, including 10 years in agile environments. He has been a senior developer, Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Jesús also has 7 years of teaching and research experience in Computer Engineering. He was an Associate Professor at the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico. He is a recipient of the CSA graduate student teaching award by the University of Alberta, Canada.


Jesús holds an M.Sc in Computer Engineering by the University of Alberta and an M.Sc in Computer Science by the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico. 

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Coach & Trainer

Lucy is a Certified Organizational Coach and communications specialist with an interest in working with individuals in the areas of career development, communication skills and resilience. As a group and team coach, her focus is on supporting participants to have authentic and courageous conversations. Her approach to coaching is to create environments where new possibilities for discovery, learning and action can emerge.

With more than 10 years of team leadership experience in news journalism, marketing and business management, she now works as an independent practitioner working with creative professionals and freelancers to discover their strengths and align their goals with their passions. In addition, Lucy is an internal coach at the University of British Columbia and serves as an Alumni Coach to UBC’s Certificate in Organizational Coaching students.

She holds a combined Arts/Business Degree with majors in Journalism and Marketing from the University of Tasmania, Australia; is a UBC Certified Organizational Coach and a UBC Certified Scrum Master.


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