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New, experiential program for Scrum Masters seeking to drive sustainable change in their organizations.


This program is for Scrum Masters at the early stages of their professional careers, looking to further develop their confidence and competence at an accelerated pace. 

Based on our research, the three skills that are most important to new scrum masters are:

  • Facilitation

  • Coaching

  • Navigating team dynamics 

The development of these skills areas is the main focus of the program. We offer a multi-track, experiential and community-based learning experience. The program also supports participants in the development of other additional skills that matter to them.


  • Facilitation.

  • Coaching.

  • Navigating team dynamics.

  • Other skills defined by you.


  • 100% virtual.

  • Cohort of up to 9 peers.

  • 1:1 Coaching.

  • Peer coaching triads.


  • Student driven program syllabus.

  • Define your learning goals and work with a personal coach to achieve them.

  • Define cohort learning goals and work together to achieve them.


  • 26+ hours over 8 weeks

  • Bi-weekly sessions

    • 5 Group sessions (2-3 hr ea.)

    • 5 Peer coaching (2 hr ea.)

    • 6 1:1 coaching sessions (1 hr ea.)

  • Peer and 1:1 coaching sessions to fit your schedule.

  • Stay tuned for the 2021 schedule!


  • CAD $1,800

  • CAD $1,260 Early Registration



This is a virtual experiential learning program featuring virtual group, peer and individual coaching activities over 8 weeks.


The program includes 5 virtual group gatherings, 5 virtual peer coaching sessions and 6 individual coaching sessions.

The cohort approach builds a learning community with up to 9 participants encouraging greater success together.

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  • Work with a small group of Scrum Masters that share similar goals and experience. 

  • Expand your perspective of the profession and your toolbox by learning and sharing ideas, practices and tools. 

  • Build the confidence and resilience you need to support your team at any point in their development.

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  • Develop coaching skills that will allow you to hold thought-provoking conversations with individuals and teams, enabling them to create their ideas and goals. 

  • Improve your confidence to support positive culture and performance changes across your organization. 

Asset 8.png


  • Work within the same triad for the duration of the program 

  • Develop an open and safe space to engage in dialogue, knowledge sharing and problem-solving activities. 

  • Get support from your peers to achieve your goals and practice your coaching skills in your peers' service. 

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  • Apply your newly acquired skills to your team within your organizational context.

  • Improve your ability to support your team as you all navigate through the different stages of team development.

  • Get the support you need during the program to inspect and adapt your hypotheses and solutions. 

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  • Through facilitated and coaching conversations, identify common goals with your cohort and define your approach to achieve them as a community. 

  • Support each other and hold yourselves accountable to achieve your shared goals.

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  • Work with experienced coaches and agile practitioners to move towards new levels of personal mastery in your profession. 

  • With your personal coach, you will engage in a creative and meaningful process that will help you achieve the goals that matter to you the most. 


​We want everyone who enrolls in this program to succeed. Because of how this program is designed, you are eligible for enrollment if:

  1. You are a practicing scrum master, currently active on a scrum team.

  2. You have a foundational understanding of Agile and Scrum.

  3. You are willing to collaborate with the cohort and are open to share your experiences and thoughts with your fellow participants.

  4. You can commit to working 3-4 hours per week on learning activities for the duration of the program.



We're here to answer all of your burning questions.

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